Well hey there. Good to see you here.

It’s not just about Star Wars, but the story did start there!


In 2002 I married Matt, a huge fan of Star Wars. I grew up mostly oblivious to Star Wars. So when I first became friends with my husband and he found out I had no knowledge of seeing Star Wars, he immediately made it a requirement. While I never fell in love with Star Wars, I did fall in love with him.

Nearly 15 years later, we have a lot of Star-Wars-related fun together. We celebrate Star Wars Day, we go to Star Wars events, Star Wars is part of our family life and culture.


But it’s just not just about Star Wars. I will also be sharing about life’s adventures including my health journey and every day fun with our family. I look forward to sharing our stories! If you relate or connect to something, I would love to hear how. You can also connect with me on Facebook!


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